The Time Machine

A grey steamer approaches the peaceful and misty port of Agia Anna. It seems so out of place amongst the white and blue fishing boats. When it docks, hundreds of farmers walk back and forth loading the ship with their valuable product. You can hear the sound of the factory machinery running in the background.

The process and distribution of the Naxian potato begins. In the forefront, workers, both locals and foreigners, young and old, hustle and bustle in the midst of the noise and dust working hard, trying to make a living. There is commotion everywhere as the Naxian potato is placed in sacs ready to embark to destinations all over the country. By dusk, everything has settled and the factory has come to a halt. People have scattered and the ship has set sail into the sunset. Silence has returned to the quaint port of Agia Anna, and as darkness sets in, people start to gather once again. The smell of grilled octopus overwhelmes your senses. The tired locals who have been laboring in the sun are in high spirits sitting around the open fire drinking raki.

In the background you can hear the voice of Zambetta on the radio and people start dancing to the wonderful sounds of his music. The waves hitting the shore add a new melody to the lively atmosphere. Once again, unforgettable memories are being made as you experience a night at ‘Patatosporos’. In not so many works, this is the story behind Patatosporos. The factory which produced and distributed the potato spud was located on the premises of our tavern.

The rejuvenation

Being the owners of Island Bar since 1987 and Banana Restaurant since 1999, we welcomed into our family ‘Patatosporos’ in 2012 after a brief discussion with an elderly man who inspired us with his story who was once an employee at the factory. We then decided to revive the history of Agia Anna by opening Patatosporos, combining the old with the new, using our own personal touch. Naxian ouzo, local raki, fish on the grill and a wide variety of meze are available for you to savor!